This is a simple tool to auto-refresh any URL.

Try it! Enter a URL that you want to auto-refresh, then enter a time in seconds to set the refresh speed.
This was originally designed to auto-refresh ebay auctions.
Update 5/12/2015: - many sites now use an "x-frame-options" header of "SAMEORIGIN" to protect themselves from clickjacking. This means we can't put their sites on the same page as our URL bar & controls.

To allow RefreshThing to continue to work, some of the urls you enter above will now open in a new window, or try to. Please make sure you allow pop-ups from (we promise we're not going to show you pop-up ads).
Update 5/25/2018: - GDPR. We use Google Analytics to track site usage and your IP address may end up in our Apache logs. Since 2007, we have never sold your information and we will never sell your information.